Sheep And Wolves


Elegance is the only beauty that never fades

Coco Chanel

In all things, the opposite is hidden so that there is balance. 
The good and the bad. The yin and yang. Innocence and Intelligence. Male and Female. Our two sides, which we all have one less, the other more.

There are no stereotypes, but there are certainly these opposing forces that so magically, one or the other and in combination, move the world.

Sheep and Wolves Boutiue is a design studio based in Athens.

We are specializing in hand-made, premium quality, crocheted and leather bags, handcrafted from high quality materials made in Greece.

Sheep and Wolves offer unique and elegant bags for every occasion, hand-made with attention to detail and meant for woman/man  who want to feel like their best selves.

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