I am Irene Arabatzoglou, owner of Sheep and Wolves.  
I am a wife and a mother and my profession used to be an accountant. I also had a lot of hobbies, but my passion was always knitting. I really wanted to spend more and more time in knitting but Accounting and knitting do not fit within a day.  After 16 years in the accounting business, I realized that this job was not for me anymore. So, I had to find a way to make my dream come true…. 

During the whole process of evolving the craft, I had to incorporate many knitting techniques, resulting in the introduction of crochet - needles - knitted bag through leather crafting. These techniques gave me the ability to master myself in the creation of innovative bags, knitted scarfs, knits, and many other products Then I moved on with an e-shop which naturally led me to set up a leather atelier in order to create handmade leather accessories for Bag, Belt and Jewelry.  
Sheep and Wolves grew up. And still grows up! It started from scratch but today we are a passionate team that shares common interests and visions. Our passion results in products that except being innovative, also have a story to tell…. They are unique because they are handmade. They have a ‘’soul’’. Our soul….. 
"After all, strong teams write history.’’ 

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